Located on a sprawling 314-acre campus just 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Gwynedd Mercy University offers more than 50 graduate and undergraduate programs. 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The program prepares nurses to demonstrate excellence in a holistic nursing practice, placing emphasis on advocacy, social justice, and a basic introduction to providing care to forensic populations. Prospective students should submit their previous undergraduate transcripts, a resume, and letters of recommendation along with their application. One of the country's oldest adult education institutions, TESU offers degrees at all levels in in over 100 fields of study. The 67-credit curriculum includes a capstone course in professional nursing leadership and management, in addition to a clinical practice component. Accelerated BSN Program. The school accepts up to 60 credit hours of transfer credits which helps students complete this program faster than the traditional format while engaging in hands-on learning experiences, state-of-the-industry simulation and real-world clinical practice opportunities. ABSN Programs in NC: An Overview. Location This Pittsburgh institution was founded as a women's college in 1869. The BSN programs in Virginia are all fully accredited and provide the best foundation for a successful career in the complex and rewarding career of nursing. Degree-seekers usually graduate more quickly, often within 1-2 years." props: {"backgroundColor":"#ffffff","category":"nursing-and-healthcare","cta":"Find Your School","ctaColor":"#DE5C3E","degree":"bachelors","height":"325","subject":"nursing","title":"Degree Finder","publisher":"bestvalueschools.org","url":"https://www.bestvalueschools.org/fastest-bsn-programs/"} Location Search Online Nursing Schools1Degree CompletedHigh School Diploma/GEDSome CollegeAssociate … The program, accredited by the CCNE, places emphasis on safety and quality in the delivery of patient care, while implementing culturally appropriate strategies and measures for health promotion and the reduction of risk and disease prevention. 1 The school understands that adults sometimes want to change their career path but often feel that they cannot devote the extensive time and money into going back to school, starting from scratch. Ask a Nurse: How Do You Balance School and Work? There are several other benefits of completing a BSN program. Aspiring RNs must hold an associate degree or bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). Browse the list of nursing programs and enroll in one today. Students that complete core courses advance to completion of courses in community-focused care, nurse informatics, nursing leadership and management, healthcare trends and other courses. The Accelerated BSN program will take approximately 11 to 18 months to complete with prerequisite classes included. Although there are benefits to earning a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing, there is documentation that shows the benefits of earning a BSN degree. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. The RN to BSN program at the University of Cincinnati is offered in an online format, and features a flexible schedule with six start dates per years. The University of Central Florida has one of the best online RN to BSN programs in the country. These fastest BSN programs feature the same curriculum as longer BSN programs, and offers the same opportunities as those provided to a nurse that completes the longer traditional program. Expand All Some learners graduate in 1-2 years. window.HE.me = window.HE.me || {}; Ask a Nurse: What Are the Hardest Classes You’ll Take in Nursing School? "text": "Any degree you pursue should hold accreditation. 3 Students receive the same high-quality instruction provided to students in other nursing programs at the school. "name": "What is an accelerated BSN program? A traditional BSN program. "acceptedAnswer": { Website. The school recommends that students do not work while pursuing the BSN due to the intensity of this program. Gwynedd Mercy University One of the obvious is that if you complete one of the fastest BSN programs, you are able to start work or expand your career opportunities faster than if you complete a traditional BSN program, which may require several years of study. Gwynedd Mercy University Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Graduates become true leaders in their field. ", Best Value Schools is an advertising-supported site. Transfer students must take at least 30 credit hours at Chatham, including the 26 credits in the RN-to-BSN core curriculum. Many programs discourage students from working while studying so they can enroll full time and graduate on an accelerated timeline. How fast is an accelerated BSN program? The university trains students to assess and to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for individuals and families and for communities. The University of Central Florida offers a concurrent ASN to BSN program as well as the online BSN program. Read on for what to expect and tips on how to enter the field.