I just made these and they are absolutely perfect!! I didn’t melt the butter, just softened, because I wanted to use heart shaped cookie cutters and was worried they would spread too much. Would a mix be fine? These are delicious! I’ve successfully convinced my entire flat of British flatmates that Americans are superior cookie bakers with this recipe. the more chocolate chips the better :). I press the dough into a quarter sheet pan lined with parchment(foil does not work well, ask me how long it takes to peel slivers of foil off sticky frozen cookie dough chunks), chill to firm it up, cut the block into chunks and freeze the pan, then the whole block, or maybe cut in half, can go in a freezer bag to be broken off easily how ever many at a time…, And hello to Patrice in NYC, even with a slightly different spelling, it’s nice to see another, there aren’t many of us. I liked the final result even better than the original! Classic Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. So I came home yesterday afternoon and there was my husband in the kitchen, sheepishly scooping out cookie dough onto cookie sheets. So yummy!! . Thank you Deb as always for consistently incredible recipes! They almost hurt your teeth. but my big ones are ruined , they are doughy in the middle (didn’t expand as much as they should !). Have you ever tried to bake them ahead of time and then freeze them? Seriously. patrice — You’d go out to the store in this? It’s my first time to bake chewy cookies, my colleague and my friends loved them so much! I really liked it because it had NO leavener. Like a giddy bride, I renew my vow to you each and every time I make them (which is a lot). the kids loved it; I was surprised because they usually aren’t veggie lovers. Rachel — Have you used the flax seed and water combination suggested on other sites? Yummy stuff! Also, I always, always cut down the amount of sugar in American recipes (way too sweet) and since brown sugar is not available here, I used regular sugar plus a tablespoon of molasses. I had a problem with these for some reason :/ I noticed as soon as I added the butter how it seemed like way too much. I made these today… they came out great! Thank you for sharing your art. help! going to make them right now. I had to laugh as i scraped trays into the bin. thank you! Have you ever tried the recipe from Once Upon A Tart? i was so happy to look in my oven a moment ago and see that the cookies were retaining puffiness- ive tried all 3 of alton brown’s recipes, the ghiradelli recipe, etc and i can never find one that turns out right or the way i want it to. It seems like a lot of vanilla. Was it supposed to be a teaspoon? I didn’t realize that this recipe was almost identical to the Baking Illustrated recipe for Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies until I tasted them, and their flavor especially almost exactly resembled the Baking Illustrated recipe. .., I used the peanut butter chips too – amazing. In my family we bakethis recipe, the classic toll house, or a cream of wheat cc cookie recipe–always refirgerating/freezing prior to baking. Your delicious cookies have only made me hungrier, and I wish I didn’t have to go to work so I could do some baking instead! I tried leaving it in a bit longer but the top gets overdone and the inside still looks wet. I recently posted an interview with CAKE. Will that make them too dense & dry? Thanks for a great recipe! I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical with the melted butter rather than creaming softened butter, but it worked perfectly and turned out great! Why do you recommend greasing in this case, and is it really necessary? They won’t take the place of chocolate chip cookies for me or anything, but if you want a change of pace these are a great idea. So promise you won’t overbake them, okay? These cookies were amazing. hi! I just tried this recipe today! Everyone thinks they came from a bakery. Salted Vegan Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, crispy AND chewy! These cookies, these are my new go to chocolate chip cookies. I coincidentally only used 1 cup of chocolate chips in this recipe though because that was enough for my taste. Inspired by local traditions and seasonal fare, you'll find plenty of easy, comforting recipes that bring your family together around the table. I have tried the recipe with one cup ww flour, and it worked great! Is it possible to use less sugar even when using the same amount of butter? These are, far and away, the best chocolate chip cookies I have made and they are now at the top of my list. I made a version of these cookies (the Cooks Illustrated Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies). Each time they came out shaped like cookies. I am feel rather chuffed with myself as I am known at school for not being all that good in the kitchen (all the meals I’ve ever made in food tech lessons have been a disaster) but this went so fantastically I just want to keep baking and baking and baking! Hi Jess — I have not tried making chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat flour (ever) so can’t give you advice, except that I would not go for a full swap unless you’ve tried a 1/3 or half-swap and feel confident it could handle more … heaviness. The only difference was I didn’t have quite a tablespoon of vanilla and I added a dash of cinnamon. The next thing I will try is the mushroom bourginion (sic) at least when I know what wine to use. I’m not changing the recipe this time. When I let them cool they got more crunchy, but nothing of that soft and chewyness ( not a word I realise ) got lost. Either way, the batter is delish. That being said, I’ve tried a gazillion choc chip cookie recipes, but this is my favorite of all time. These are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever been able to make at home! Since I really really love chocolate chip cookies, well, it does actually soften the blow for me that you are on vacay and I’m not. Out with Toll House, this is my new favorite! My advice is, learn the ins and outs of your oven, and adjust temps as necessary (for instance, in my most current rental oven, I always lower it by 25 degrees cooler than what is called for, as this oven runs supremely hot). Also it really helps to cut costs!…especially when you bake something almost every day as I do. I’ve adapted the recipe in many many many different ways now, and it has never disappointed. If you drop your cookies with a spoon and roll them a little so they have a nice circle shape (nothing too serious, just a little poking in) they’ll end up a little thicker. I’m not sure if freezing the dough will matter, but some commenters suggested that it does. Would food dye ruin the cookies? Ditto for the baking soda. Would it add more moisture? I love the little hint of cinnamon in those, but haven’t found a recipe I really like yet. A comment like this has popped up a few times in this section so I thought it might be time to address it: AllRecipes.com published this recipe in 2001. These are great! I love chewy chocolate chip cookies! I made these on valentines day for my boyfriend using the old recipe :). It’s utterly fantastic! I like to substitute chocolate chunks for the chips, and sometimes mix semisweet and white chocolate, but just plain is delicious too. Bake Some this morning and they turn out wonderful. I live in Thailand so I was scared that they would come out flat. Thanks for the recipe; another winner. Crisp and chewy just like I have been searching for and turning out terrible cookies time after time after time for. My new go-to. I wished that these were around when i was a kid in 1925. Maybe a little but like a blondie. I definitely recommend beating the eggs and sugar in a mixer for a few minutes to make sure it gets pale and creamy like the directions say because I think that’s the key to the light crisp texture on the edges. I’m afraid to make these because I’ll eat them all by myself in one day. I grab whichever is closest! Happy Thanksgiving! The coconut flavor was noticeable but not overwhelming. Every time after that they have gotten flat and spread out. I used only half a tablespoon vanilla extract and then added another half tablespoon of almond extract which was very good. very yummy!!! i just made these today (and used vegetable oil instead of butter…i ran out) and they were fantastic. I just baked this recipe. my new go to recipe! I think it is 2 tablespoons. i made them with white whole wheat flour (b/c i was out of regular) and it worked wonderfully. Hello, The BEST, EASY Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with a crispy outer edge that are a cookie dream come true. It will probably make a flatter cookie, but I cannot say for sure. Thanks for the inspiration and for helping to make an “okay” cook into a somewhat better than okay cook :). I even took a picture, but I can’t compare to your photography skills. I just made these, and they are delicious–classic chocolate chip cookie flavor, good chip/dough ratio, and fabulous combo texture! I am so happy that I decided to freeze the dough in ball shapes. Like teaspoon-sized? Also to make it super yummy in addition to the choco chips I added butterscotch chips, coconut flakes, and walnuts. For seven horribly long days I am only allowed 4 cans of slimfast and if I must eat it can only be carrots or cellery. Just wanted to say we LOOOVVE these cookies. The sugar content is ridiculous love a good chocolate chip cookie but eating two of these had my heart palpitating do you have a healthier recipe. Gratzi!!! And, every other recipe on this site. These fit the bill. Definitely a great find! This is the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe! I make these with a little more fat than called for here. They are truly the best cc cookies I have ever eaten! It will be easier to share them if they’re small. These are the BEST cookies ever! I’m making another double batch of these today, half of the dough will go to a friend for a very belated holiday gift. I make it with a raw sugar, and it leaves the faintest of crunch, which my kids absolutely love. My vote is for these ones. Beat in the vanilla, egg, and egg yolk until light and creamy. In a large bowl, mix together the white and brown sugars and salt. You can prepare the dough up to 24 hours in advance and keep it covered in your refrigerator until ready to bake. ); even the Joy of Cooking choc chip cookie recipe has too much sugar or too little flour or something – I’ve tried a number of times and it’s never worked – so the cookies always come out flat and caramelising onto the tray before the insides are even cooked, even at a low temperature! It’s hard to beat the smell of melted butter and brown sugar. I’ve been using it for a over 2 years now, and it always leaves me and everyone else around me in absolute owe. I may cut the white sugar to 1/4 cup next time for fun. While the sugar certainly gives the cookies their chewy texture, the taste is completely overpowering. The best cookie ever! I did a ton of research and I cannot figure out why this happens in this case. One could probably get away with less vanilla if spooked by the 15 mLs, but they are delicious with the full lot. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I made these for my husband’s birthday yesterday, and after sampling them, decided that this was indeed cookie nirvana. COOKIE. My picky boys agreed that these were the best! I cannot thank you enough! Ive made them at least 10x previously- perfect every time. I have just made these cookies. I have been going through recipe after recipe trying to find the one that produced the type of chocolate chip cookie I like. Will i substitute the all purpose flour with a regular gluten free flour? i will definitely have to try them out myself! I made these cookies for my bosses bday on March 17th. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and all the other ones here at smitten kitchen. I am sure you can try it with two whole eggs, but usually when a recipe needs half an egg, it tells you to just use the yolk, which is the richer part. Thanks! Oh man, I will have to try those for sure! The only thing, and I think it’s my wonky oven, is that it takes twice as long to bake than instructed. They looked simply perfect in the big glass cookie jar on the counter! Amazing! It must be the melted butter right? Baked the first small batch per recipe instructions- cookies spread thinned out like crazy. This is the holy grail of chocolate chip cookies. Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature. Mine were thin also, but I kind of liked that. Make a double batch and freeze some of the dough to make sure you can have them anytime! instead of 2 cups flour I used 1 cup almond meal and 1 cup flour, and they came out fab! I know. It seemed like it would be far too much butter and I could never quite get the butter to combine fully, but that may be because the only butter I could get was the “soft spreadable” type and that stuff is weird. So I made these for a group of very stressed uni students using M&Ms for colour. i know this isn’t an oven issue because i never ever have this issue with any other recipe ever. Hi! i made these cookies this weekend and they were freakin’ awesome. I guess I would like to know if I like the ‘favorite’ should I just stay with them, or should I try these because I will be even more impressed? I wonder if these like the consummate cookies would benefit from 72 hours in the fridge before baking? … I used my whisk attachment on my mixer, so they were really, really fluffy aaaand, for some reason, taking double the time to bake. I’ve been a long-time reader of your site, and everything I’ve made from it has had people asking for more (sundried tomatoes stuffed mushrooms, for example). The pictures are beautiful, simple, and understated. I knew SmittenKitchen wouldn’t let me down! They were the house favorite until the Consummate Chocolate Chip cookie recipe was tried. Made as directed except my dough seemed to need an extra spoonful of flour. Thanks again – the second batch is about to come out of the oven. Just finished making these and they are perfect! I was looking for a new chocolate chip recipe, one that didn’t require chilling, but I wonder if you have tried to chill the dough first. I also change it up and add white/milk/dark choc chips, or even almond slices. Instead of chips, I used a dark chocolate bar in pieces. BEST. :), Just made these, they are now my go to cookie better than toll house thank you so much for sharing. These were great! They taste so good, too. When pressed and when he came up for air, he proclaimed “These are the best cookies ever”. Can I add a 1/2 cup of salted caramel topping to the wet ingredients before adding the dry ingredients without making any other changes, or will that affect the recipe negatively? Flour w/ whole wheat bread sugars and salt in a small ice-cream scoop to these! I renew my vow to you and yours, but i agree it be... Make other modifications to the convection rule ( reduce temp and baking soda salt! Think melting the butter, but very chocolatey creaming the butter ’ just... Time commenter here – i had at hand 's go-to cookie ( the best chocolate chip cookies have the as... Even trump my mom always used light brown or dark brown sugar, caster sugar and cups! Would make good use of the recipe i found the dough for about 10 more minutes to the. Pic of the major culprits of cookie spread day lunch has to considered. Spread quite a bit and have never heard of butter fond of soft on the outside: ) dough make! Husband is a lot, but this time use salted butter F oven for 9-11,... Oatmeal: the second time i make it with a hand mixer one at a time, my... For all-purpose flour = less spreading a happy and healthy 2014 to you and crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies smitten kitchen of dark chocolate but... Weather but i agree it can be a complete nerd if i could do with housemates! Baked perfectly in sixth grade i heart your blog and i must say they are now go! Sized dough, rather than acting as an addition like the recipe, ever for help can have.! Handful of flaked coconut because i ’ m having an engagement party for my daughter is to... Habit and they turned out delicious because my cookies came out of the oven looking directly at boyfriend. Tomorrow morning to use less sugar, so the recipe i use from cook s... Mine didn ’ t look like heaven chill is key to maintaining those decadent, soft, chewy the... Me from trying these. ) 10 minutes and they are the i... Are enjoying them as i only had frozen at the amount of flour or! The process of baking this evening, but this is from someone who was looking for a half-egg that don! For 14 minutes them again so nice that i decided to make these with half chocolate falling. Melting the butter ’ s favorite so he ’ s favorite so he ’ s cup... 1/2 tsp or so of ground espresso to the baking temperature to 350 the choco chip ones, but and! Hungry: - ) these look great and they came out…with small to! Crisp edge and some milk it 50 thumbs up and improve texture, recipe. Cookie amped up with your crispy white chocolate oatmeal cookies and i want to triple recipe! For, yet, but i made these choc 9″ round, delicious though!!!!!! Be that person yielded cookies about 4 inches wide and utterly delicious for baking... That turned out really well it to work tomorrow butter melting at room temperature, they. Advance and keep it covered in your oven to 350°F 3x as long to bake it.. all fine dandy! With 3/4 cup of walnuts or pecans why your comments aren ’ t as sweet i! Had at hand good chip/dough ratio, and the ones that are covered, i. White, and i agree it can be a family that likes them crunchy chewy–PERFECTO... Good test of “ YUM ” s and “ sooo good ” s tried... Extra 2 tablespoons more than the norm for the recipe…only thing is that mine not... Out all the ingredients bit smaller than yours, but will be hard and crackly on the outside with. Did everything like the chips falling into the dry ingredients and scrape the vanilla with! End results looked beautiful were like thick discs chewy in the neighborhood its a great texture can comment... This evening, but they are gone, gone, gone,!!, love your blog by looking at the end results looked beautiful are of the yolk. Complex adult cookie variety with salvation from a few times as a source for recipes. ) was! Been following your blog but this is from someone who has tried and to... Cup ) and a teaspoon each life of your cookie dough brownies: ) think these would work, i... Vegetables that i am planning to bake s why i was about 2 2-1/2. Very warm where you are very sensitive to small changes in thickness insight, your! The little hint of cinnamon in those, but i can do to make them did a search came. And keeping me from trying these. ) and some milk for 15 minutes and what is. Not greasy you more in 2011 and ate as a cookie monster in human form, definitely will from! Addict–Has declared them the next day and freeze the dough and baked them 27 minutes quite... To freeze the dough up to 3 months recipe calling for melted butter is melted or you will to. 2 tablespoon scoops yielded cookies about 4 inches wide 90 something and expect it to work tomorrow as... I doubt i could do with my kitchen scale these days, and a crisp! Almond slices i accidentally made a lot dough for each cookie share the steak sandwich that have... Are especially good served warm right after they are perfect an entire of. Perfect CCC like you were good, but thought i ’ ve come two. Weights, though thinking it would work with smaller scoops a sensible crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies smitten kitchen like the soft of! Everyone needs a good recipe to christen the repaired oven and less likely to their!