Sep 1, 2008 #4 chefpeon This is actually something that I warn brides about if they want silver on their cakes. In addition, lemon extract contains lemon oil, which makes the paint shinier. Fondant icing is made from water, sugar, gelatin and glycerol; there are two different types of fondant, poured (with a liquid texture) and rolled (with a clay-like texture).. Before moving on to explaining how to make fondant dry faster, check our articles on how to make poured fondant from rolled fondant, how to make fondant using marshmallows and how to make fondant without marshmallows. Painting in layers, allowing one layer to dry completely before painting another would give more favourable results, however long drawn out! Step 6: You want to use a dry, powdered food color, not paste or gel. You can't taste the vodka at all as the vodka evaporates. what do u mix with the food coloring to get it to stick well and not look so watery? Using a toothpick, add dots of icing color or drops of flavor in several spots. Pros and Cons of Each Type of Paint. You will then want to stir this mixture thoroughly before applying it. The reason that alcohol is used to paint on royal icing is because it evaporates very quickly, so there is little time for the liquid to dissolve the icing. Luster dust comes in many different colors and adds sparkle, shine, and a fair amount of color. I also sprinkled the luster/petal dust onto the wet lemon extract for effect. Explore. It depends on the surface on which you are painting. Petal dust has a matte finish and produces deep, strong colors. Without the right lighting, silver metallic details can look grey, not silver. Yep, it’s so important that I wrote it in bold and italic. Over wetting fondant will make it break down and dissolve. As you know, I rarely work with fondant. Apr 23, 2012 - How to get a gold finish on fondant using vodka and wet and dry luster dusts. Fondant is often used as a canvas with edible paint … You can start with a fondant-covered cake, or buy sheets of fondant and paint them before putting them on the cake. That's what makes it so useful for thinning out the gel colors to use them as paint, the vodka evaporates faster than water so your colors aren't going to bleed or make your buttercream (or fondant in some cases) soggy. small paint brush; wax paper; 1. Painted Cakes: Fondant vs. Buttercream. With the airbrush for cakes you can create the color change much easier. However, there are other carriers that can be used to make paint. So I experimented, and tried to paint directly on buttercream. Fondant Petals are beautiful, lifelike, edible rose petals made out of fondant! As with any icing, tint colors at one time; matching colors later may be difficult. It comes in a bottle pre-mixed with the right amount of alcohol solution, so you don’t even have to worry about making that extra trip to the liquor store. Your fondant should be left to dry for at least 12 hours (24 hours is even better) before you try and paint on it. ; Highlighter dust usually comes in gold and silver colors and gives a high-sheen, metallic finish. Press a stencil firmly into the fondant. Fondant is fairly expensive and can be hard to work with, but it offers a nice, smooth slate to paint on. "Paint" on Color: Once you apply Fondant, you can "paint" it with food color in specific areas. I have tried it many times without luck. Start by preparing your wafer paper shapes. Here is used red and a combination of orange and red mixed together and then straight red to create color gradient. Dessert. The trick is letting the fondant get a bit of a “skin” on it before painting. You really do need a super strong alcohol here, a weaker alcohol like vodka won’t dissolve the glaze. Take the matching lustre dust and work it into the fondant with the soft brush. I use melted cocoa butter, trex or even a small amount of a very light oil or water. My method is that I use a small, glass bowl. You can make your own “paint” by mixing a drop of gel food coloring with a high-proof, flavorless alcohol. Randi: Its kinda like an airbrush, but this spray will cover a larger area than the airbrush. Step 5: Take one of the fondant strips and place it on a Kleenex. You can paint multiple coats of Edible Art Paints, but I recommend waiting until the first coat is dry before reapplying. Some surfaces take the food coloring-as-paint (you can also dilute a bit with alcohol, vodka is best, as it evaporates, though I just use a couple drops of water). The alcohol helps thin the gel to a paintable consistency, but eventually evaporates from your cake. You’ll also need a few tools and such. These can be applied to any color including black and white. I have nothing against people using it, I just prefer working with buttercream. Thread in 'Professional Pastry Chefs' Thread starter Started by deedee, ... Just brush on either pearl color or make your "paint" and go over the cake. Here I hand drew petals on the wafer paper then cut them out with scissors. Drop desired color of candy color on a piece of wax paper. While liquid food colouring might seem like an obvious paint supply for this project, the water in the food colouring can make the fondant … You will want to aim for a 50/50 ratio, although if it looks a little bit too watery, you can always reduce the amount of alcohol that you are using. You can also purchase them online. Paint your luster dust/liquid solution over the stencil, being careful to fill in every cut-out. Alcohol evaporates and leaves no residue. 2. by paint i mean powder food color and clear alcohol . A small container or jar that you can mix the paint up in – make sure this isn’t a container you mind chucking away, otherwise you’ll use half your bottle of alcohol trying to clean the container. Making yellow paint darker is one of those challenges that sounds easy, but experienced artists can attest that altering yellow shades is tricky. Food And Drink. Mixing in black or gray paint isn't a good solution. The reason we do this in two strips rather than one large strip is that the large strip will begin to tear before we can finish the rose. You can paint a cake gold, but if the lighting isn't right it isn't going to look as metallic as it will if there's a light shining on it. Moisten the color with lemon extract grain alcohol, such as gin or vodka, instead of water. Buttercream is a bit cheaper and most people think it tastes better than fondant. Rating: 10/10. I loved the colors so much, with the left over colored fondant scraps I cut out flowers. Bearing in mind, anything oily like trex or oil will easily smudge when first applied. Fondant Hand-Painted Cake Tutorial - Cake Decorating Tutorials. For example, fondant that has stiffened a bit and royal icing that has totally dried takes food coloring paint very well. Alcohol- I usd tequila; Steps: Roll out fondant 1/8 thick to a little bit bigger than the size of your board. Helpful hint: Tint a small ball or enough fondant to cover a whole cake. I prefer the smaller-sized paint trays like the style shown below, but buy the one that works best for you and your cake painting projects. The base color will deepen the metallic effect. Most highlighter dust is not edible and is for decorative purposes only. i want to try to paint the fondant this time instead of creating a fondant based design. To apply it, all you will need to do is take a decent-quality, soft paintbrush and paint the glaze onto the fondant. Apr 23, 2012 - How to get a gold finish on fondant using vodka and wet and dry luster dusts. Posted: (6 days ago) As more artists who know hand-painting join the profession of cake decorating, the trend for hand-painted cakes in on the rise. Glamorous Gold By Edible Art Paint. The best way to make the color yellow darker is to mix in complementary shades, like orange. If you want to create beautiful, unique and impressive motif cakes, airbrushing is just right for you. Apr 23, 2012 - How to get a gold finish on fondant using vodka and wet and dry luster dusts. Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Use your beautifully designed fondant to cover your cake, or cut the fondant with cookie … Not OP but I've done a few painted cakes like this. This helps the paint to dry quick without melting the fondant. Next, roll the fondant loosely over your rolling pin and then roll the fondant back over the board, removing the air bubbles/ making sure its nice and smooth. In order to get the best results, you need to start with a smooth, shiny royal icing surface. Most of the painted cake designs out there are done on fondant cakes. Roll fondant into a ball, kneading until it's soft and pliable. My cake was an 8” tall, 6” round cake, and I wrapped it with fondant and let it dry. With reconstituted dusts, you can repaint almost immediately, as the alcohol evaporates rapidily, which also means you need to work really quickly. Spoiler alert: this one was my absolute favorite of the three products I used. Use a ribbon cutter or a knife to cut strips of fondant about 30mm wide. While Vodka has approximately 50% alcohol content, lemon extract has 90% alcohol, which allows the paint to dry almost immediately, thereby avoiding wetting the fondant too much. Alcohol doesn't melt the icing because it evaporates quickly, leaving the color on the Fondant. Fondant icing creates a smooth surface on cakes and cupcakes that you can use as a canvas to display your own designs and messages. It was easy and came together beautifully. Make sure that you mix your food gel colors with few drops of clear alcohol. Just finished the 3-tier cake with this technique! The purpose of alcohol is to evaporate quickly without making the fondant soft; leaving only the metallic powder for a smooth finish. Next roll it out thinly. When the luster dust has dried, peel up the stencil. Coloring fondant without airbrush. If you want to paint on cakes or use stencils you can use paint brushes, small sponges and so. I typically like to use Americolor brand gel coloring but any brand would work. Paint trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be found in just about any craft store like Michaels, A.C. Moore, or Hobby Lobby. But candy melts don’t. Place the strips in a plastic bag to prevent them from drying out. You can use sugar glue or alcohol to attach the strips of fondant together. I use the gel food colorings mixed with vodka (cheap vodka works best because the alcohol content is higher and it's the alcohol that allows it to dry quickly). Then once your ganache is set, you’ll need to cover your cake in fondant. There is suggestion on some sites that lemon juice from concentrate can be used. Shanna - painting on fondant and gumpaste is a cinch!! When using fondant without airbrush, you either have to limit yourself to one color or the cake decoration is very laborious. That's correct.