An SSN is a nuclear-powered general-purpose attack submarine. What do you think of the answers? USS stands for United States Ships., But when the scrap steel was delivered for the bow stem casting for the, and finished at 5 or 6 p.m., we would only have time to sell 350 cars a day," says, On February 6, [is greater than] 60 crew members reported to the, In one of the more gripping incidents detailed in the book, the, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Microsoft co-founder finds US warship wreckage in Ormoc Bay, US navy destroyer to enter black sea for 'peace and stability', Naval Safety Center Submarine Division scheduled 3rd Qtr FY14 travel plans, US submarine rolled '85 degrees' after collision with naval ship, Building New York: twenty-four tons of steel from the fallen World Center was used to cast a piece of the USS New York, the fifth in a new class of U.S. Navy warships, Bizzare bazaar: USS and the used-car craze, Outbreak of Influenza in Highly Vaccinated Crew of U.S. Navy Ship, BLIND MAN'S BLUFF: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage. Wrong gas in 2000 Yamaha wave runner. Printer friendly. The abbreviation has been used to stand for "United States Ship", "United Space Ship", and "United Star Ship". This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Still have questions? 0. V (back to the list) VB -- Navy bombing plane; Navy dive bombing squadron. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Ship USS abbreviation meaning defined here. uss. I guess they used to be more formal about these things. Contrary to popular belief, the "CV" hull classification symbol does not stand for "carrier vessel". Filming models. USS stands for United States Ships. The USS designation stands for United States Ship, and is used specifically for ships with active commissions in the US Navy. USS was an identifying prefix used before the names of sea-faring ships on Earth and space-faring ships of United Earth and United Federation of Planets. By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 28, 2020 7:34:04 AM ET. Nowadays only an exclusive ship prefix is used to represent all the … Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA. Well, I found my own answer. A ship prefix is a combination of letters, usually, abbreviations, used in front of the name of … What does USS stand for? What does "RMS" and "USS" stand for on ships? How long after buying a boat can you legally change your name to Cap'n? What Does SS Stand for on a Ship? The Naval History and Heritage Command website says that the United States Navy uses the letters "USS" to signify "United States Ship." What does USS stand for in Ship? USS -- United States Ship. There are other less official designations you may also see before ship names, such as MS for Motor Ship, or MY for Motor Yacht. USS: United States Ship: USS: Universal Studios Singapore (movie theme park) USS: United States Steel: USS: United States Senate: USS: Ukrainian Security Service (law enforcement) USS: Union Syndicale Suisse (Swiss Federation of Trade Unions) USS: University Student Senate (various schools) USS: Universities Superannuation Scheme (UK) USS: Unix System Services: USS All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. In other words, these prefixes identify the ships country of origin at a glance. Other countries have similar abbreviations. Could the Titanic have been TIED to the iceberg that killed it as a stopgap bouyancy measure,buy time, w/the anchor chains(strongest lines)? === By What Does ____ Stand For? The first miniature built from Jefferies' drawings was a four-inch scale model. Licensed texts, on-screen graphics and props, and dialogue later describe the ship as a Constitution-class vessel. USS stands for United States Ships. VC -- composite aircraft squadron. The USS designation stands for United States Ship, and is used specifically for ships with active commissions in the US Navy. Because there were usually penalties for late delivery of the mail, ships with the RMS deignation had a reputation for being operated on a very punctual basis, which was an advanyage to the passengers. Get answers by asking now. The ship prefix in the naval shipping also points out the ship type like the “U.S.F” (United States Frigate) referred to the frigates employed under the Navy section of The United states of America. HMAS - His (or Her) Majesty's Australian Ship. Please help Do you know what does uss stand for? These designate the type of ship and not any specific function. USS stands for United States Ship. i see alot of ships with "RMS" and "USS" attached to the front. Other designations include BB for battleship (none operational), CA for cruiser, DD for destroyer, SS for submarine, FF for frigate, LHA for amphibious assault ship, etc. HMCS - His (or Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship. Wit a evenrude.  e tec 75. While containing some of the same letters, the USS ship prefix holds its meaning: "United States Ship." Like and subscribe for more acronyms and abbreviations. What did someone mean when they said that I could launch a thousand ships 🛳? What does uss stand for. Outboard. Get the top USS abbreviation related to Ship. While studying the American Civil War there are many CSS- Confederate States Ship. It was originally used to distinguish a screw steamer from a paddle steamer, which was called a … What do the letters USS in front of USS Monitor stand for? When used as a nautical vessel designation, the letters SS stand for steam ship or screw steamer. This prefix sees use on United States military vessels, particularly those in the Navy. I'm wondering  what speed i can expect. === What Does "USS" Stand For? VBF -- Navy bombing-fighting aircraft; Navy bomber-fighter squadron. USNS - United States Naval Ship (used on Naval auxiliaries in the Military Sealift Command). Tweet. Aircraft carriers are ships designed primarily for the purpose of conducting combat operations by aircraft which engage in attacks against airborne, surface, sub-surface and shore targets. USS stands for United States Ship and CSS stands for Confederate States Ship. HMNZS - His (or Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship. you forgot SS which mean steam ship as in SS Columbia. like RMS Titanic or USS Maine. USSB -- United States Shipping Board. Ships are only supposed to use the RMS designation when they are under contract to the Royal Mail in the UK to carry mail on behalf of the British government, and have the right to fly the pennant of the Rotal Mail while doing so. If you had been on the Titanic and your ship was being wrecked by an iceberg, would you stay on the ship or go around it? i see alot of ships with "RMS" and "USS" attached to the front. RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship or Royal Mail Steamer (the use has changed somewhat over time as steam power was replaced). Menu Search " The Making of Star Trek explains that USS means "United Space Ship" and that "Enterprise is a member of the Starship Class". Thanks. 1 Answer(s) Vitor. What do they stand for and why do ships have them attached to their names? So, the USS Enterprise is designated CVN 65, because it is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and it is the 65th aircraft carrier in the US Navy. Hi everyone! SMS - Seiner Majestats Schiff (Used on German ships of the WWI era). Abbreviation to define. What do they stand for and why do ships have them attached to their names? SSN is the US Navy hull classification symbol for such vessels; the SS denotes a submarine and the N denotes nuclear power.The designation SSN is used for interoperability throughout NATO … I guess you put them on the front so you know what your talking about, just like "Mr Smith" or "Mrs Jones", someone who is tlaking about ships will know they are talking about a British or US ship. Could a Dutch sea dam out to the Bahamas protect Florida coast from being undated because of raising water ? Find. ... USS and USNS are both ship prefixes used to identify United States vessels. According to the U.S. Why would someone want to bring a gun on a boat? ? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. There are other less … United States Ship (USS) is the initial designation of all commissioned US Navy ships. English language English abbreviations. VBT -- bombing, torpedo plans. What pitch is a typical stator for a jetski? Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) website, this designation was adopted in 1907 and is used to denote Navy ships manned by military personnel. Thanks! USS is defined as United States Ships somewhat frequently. With a 17 wilson flyer. like RMS Titanic or USS Maine. Need help!?