Aan de voorkant van de moskee bevinden zich vier minaretten (in de Ottomaanse bouwkunst mocht alleen de sultan een moskee met vier minaretten bouwen, leden van de koninklijke familie mochten maximaal twee minaretten toevoegen en bij moskeeën gebouwd door anderen mocht maar één minaret worden gebouwd). Ten noorden van de moskee ligt het graf van architect Sinan. Tussen de vier minaretten bevindt zich een grote marmeren binnenplaats (avlu). Since then, it was a great ambition for Muslim leaders to get Hagia Sophia. The prophet of God in Muslim religion, Muhammad, had prophesied that the first Muslim to pray in Hagia Sophia would go to paradise. Although more than a hundred earthquakes have occurred in Istanbul since its construction, no smallest crack has occurred on the walls of the mosque. An inscription specifies the foundation date as 1550 and the inauguration date as 1557. The view from outside Süleymaniye Mosque across the Bosporos, with European Istanbul on the left and Asiam Istanbul on the right. In 1660 woedde een brand in de moskee, in opdracht van sultan Mehmet IV restaureerde de architect Fossati de moskee. Although more than a hundred earthquakes have occurred in Istanbul since its construction, no smallest crack has occurred on the walls of the mosque. Tegenwoordig is het behalve een gebedshuis ook een trekpleister voor toeristen, hoewel minder bezocht dan de Sultan Ahmetmoskee. Discover and book Skip the Line: Topkapi Palace Including Süleymaniye Mosque and Ceramics Workshop in Istanbul on Tripadvisor $ For instance, the architect Sinan somehow figured out that Ostrich eggs repelled spiders, so the Ostrich eggs were placed between the oil lamps in the chandeliers. Then, the Hagia Sophia blew my mind with its cavernous interior and immense size. In de Eerste Wereldoorlog werd de binnenplaats gebruikt als munitiedepot, in een ongeluk explodeerde de opgeslagen munitie. Süleymaniye Mosque. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 8 aug 2020 om 04:48. De bouw duurde van 1550 tot 1557. Behind the qibla wall of the mosque is an enclosure containing the separate octagonal mausoleums of Suleiman the Magnificent and that of his wife Hurrem Sultan(Roxelana). We also visited Süleymaniye Mosque on another day. A mile away from Hagia Sophia, one can lose herself with the beauty of the Süleymaniye Mosque. Taylan was an archeologist in a previous career, so he has incredible knowledge about the history and antiquity of Turkey. Süleymaniye Mosque is a grand mosque in Istanbul which was built on the order of sultan Suleiman I (Suleiman the Magnificent) and was constructed by the great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Hagia Sophia: the mosque-turned-museum at the heart of an ideological battle Read more The Unesco-listed Hagia Sophia (Divine Wisdom), known in … De Süleymaniye-moskee of Soleimanmoskee is een grote moskee in Istanboel. The Hagia Sophia, converted into a mosque under Mehmed II, served as a model to many other Ottoman mosques in Istanbul. The Süleymaniye Mosque is a grand mosque in Istanbul. Toen aan het einde van de 20e eeuw de kemalistische, seculaire politiek plaatsmaakte voor de islamistische regering van Erdoğan werd de Hagia Sofia weer als grootste moskee in gebruik genomen. Süleymaniye Mosque. Takikawa, M., Hagia Sophia and Sinan's mosques: Structure and decoration in Süleymaniye Mosque and Selimiye Mosque, pp. Hagia Sophia (/ ˈ h ɑː ɡ i ə s oʊ ˈ f iː ə /; from Koinē Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία, romanized: Hagía Sophía; Latin: Sancta Sophia, lit. These slabs were cut and put into place long before modern technology and you'll never guess how they cut them! This main dome is supported by two half domes, as seen in Hagia Sophia. Feb 26, 2014 - The Süleymaniye Mosque (Turkish: Süleymaniye Camii) is a grand mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.